Third Ward TX Trailer

a documentary about art, life and real estate

Houston, TX– A row of born-again shotgun houses is the unlikely home of cutting-edge art and visionary thinking about inner-city renewal.

THIRD WARD TX introduces artists and neighbors of Project Row Houses who are breathing new life into their historically black community. Success attracts new real estate speculation as Project Row Houses races to create its own development plans that honor the history and culture of the Third Ward and strengthen community ties.

Distributed by New Day Films. 57 Minutes

Ideal for Courses in Architecture, Art, Urban Planning, Design, African-American Studies, Community Development, Environmental Studies, Women Studies

It’s a great story, told with charm and dexterity, and really has universal appeal – these are issues facing every city in America, and our country needs more innovative ideas like Project Row Houses. A first step is for people to see THIRD WARD TX.

-Mark Elijah Rosenberg, Rooftop Films


Some users of THIRD WARD TX: Bruner-Loeb Forum, Toronto Environmental Film Festival, Harvard Design School, the City of Palm Desert, Regional Equity Conference, N.O., Manhattan Architecture Club (AIA)